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Nor Cal Mixed Sectionals

City: Morgan Hills
Date: 9/6/2014 - 9/7/2014
State: CA
Mixed Schedule

This event is not accepting registration anymore.
# of bids to Regionals: 2 byes plus 7 bids
Final Standings:
*1- Blackbird
*2- Groove
*3- BW Ultimate
*4- American BBQ
*5- Classy
*6- Alchemy
*7- Capitol Punishment
8- Gummi Bears
9- DR
10- Why So Serious?
11- Dinobots
12- Greater Good
13- Anarchy
14- Feral Cows
T15- Barbary Coast Dance Hall
T15- Mission Impossible
*Bye- Polar Bears
*Bye- Mischief
*Qualifies for Southwest Mixed Regionals


Event Type:
Championship Tournament - Sectional Championship Tournament
Rob Srinivasiah
Located at Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center! 16500 Condit Rd Morgan Hill, CA 95037 Google Map -
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