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Northeast Mixed Regional Championship 2017

City: Devens
Date: 9/23/2017 - 9/24/2017
State: MA
Mixed Schedule

This event is currently set for Invite-Only registration.
 # of teams: 16

# of bids to Nationals: 3

Format: 16.3.2

Participating Teams: 

1. Slow White
2. Wild Card
3. Metro North
5. Heartless
6. Happy Valley
7. Grand Army
9. PleasureTown
10. Garbage Plates
11. Townies
12. League of Shadows
13. Titan NE
14. Alternative Stacks
15. The Feminists
16. Crash
Final Standings: 
10. TBD post scores reported
11. TBD post scores reported
12. TBD post scores reported
13. TBD post scores reported
14. TBD post scores reported
15. TBD post scores reported
16. TBD post scores reported
Pool play and crossover rounds are to 13, hard point cap at 15
bracket games are to 15, hard point cap at 15
2 time outs per half per team - all rounds.  
Soft cap at 90 minutes : Hard cap at 110 minutes - all rounds.
There is NO hard cap for the 3rd place game to go
[this is the only exception to the cap rules above]
They're pretty simple.  Please inform your players.

NO ALCOHOL! (Devens checks the garbage and tells us what they find on which fields)
PARK IN DESIGNATED SPACES ONLY! (State Police will ticket)
USE PORTAJOHNS! (Again, Police have ticketed)
PUT GARBAGE INTO, NOT JUST NEXT TO OR NEAR, CANS PROVIDED! (Tourney staff is busy providing you with water, etc., not there to clean up after you at 7PM when you've gone home--again, we know who plays where)

Any violations endanger our ability to use the fields for the other major tournaments we hold here, and therefore will not be tolerated--if your team or sideline are reported or observed to be breaking the rules, you may find yourself asked to leave immediately and not welcome back.  Additionally, please help us control your friends and supporters on your sideline--any reckless behavior may result in a very negative association for your team.

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - Regional Championship Tournament
Field Map:
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