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Ohio High School Boys State Championships Qualifier - Columbus District

City: Columbus
Date: 5/2/2015 - 5/3/2015
State: OH
Boys Schedule

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2015 CHSUL City Tournament

1. Gahanna Lincoln High
2. Columbus Alternative High
3. Bishop Hartley High School
4. Bishop Watterson High
5. St. Charles Prepatory
6. Pickerington
7. Grandview Heights
8. Westerville North
9. St. Francis DeSales
10. Oakstone Academy
11. Canal Winchester
12. Bexley High School
13t. Marburn Academy
13t. Dublin
15. Granville High School
16. Olentangy Liberty High
May 2 - 3
Saturday: 9a - 5p
Sunday: 9a - 3p
2200 Carmack Rd.
Columbus, OH 43210
Event Director: TBD
Click the "High School" box above for a schedule of game times and field locations.

Event Rules + Guidelines

Play will be governed by current USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules except where noted below:
Pool Play
Games played to: 11 (win by 2)
Point Cap: 13
Hard Cap: 80 minutes
» Pool play will take place on Saturday.
» Each team will play the other three teams in their respective pool during pool play.
» The first place team from each pool will be seeded into a 4-team bracket, which will determine 1st and 2nd place for the tournament.
» The second and third place teams in each pool will be seeded into an 8-team bracket, which will determine 3rd place for the tournament.
» The first round of the 8-team bracket will be held Saturday afternoon.
» The fourth place team in each bracket will be seeded into a consolation bracket.
» Final pool play standings are determined by participating teams’ win-loss records after all three games are played.
» In the event of a tie, the following tiebreakers will be used to determine pool placing:
  :: 2-way tie: Head-to-head result
  :: 3-way tie with identical net point differentials: Net point differential for games against teams with whom you are tied (ie, throw out point differential for the game against the team not in the 3-way tie), and then head-to-head result (if necessary).
  :: 3/4-way tie: Net point differential in pool play and then head-to-head result (if necessary)
Bracket Play
Games played to: 13 (win by 2)
Point Cap: 15
Hard Cap: 100 minutes
» Bracket play will begin at the conclusion of pool play.
» For a view of the brackets, please visit the event page (link on page 1).
» Bracket play will begin at the following times:
  :: First place pool finishers: Sunday at 9am
  :: Second and third place pool finishers: Saturday at 2:30p
  :: Fourth place pool finishers: Sunday at 9am
» The 4-team championship bracket:
  :: This bracket will determine the 1st and 2nd place teams at the event.
  :: Losers of the semi-final match will move into the 8-team bracket and have an opportunity to compete for 3rd place and the final bid to states.
» The 8-team 3rd place bracket:
  :: This bracket will begin with the second place team from each pool playing the third place team from each pool.
  :: Losers in the first and second rounds will move into the consolation bracket.
  :: There will be two "semifinal" rounds to this bracket; after the 2nd round of the bracket, the losers from the championship bracket will play the winners of the 2nd round.
  :: The final match of the 3rd place bracket will determine 3rd and 4th place for the tournament.
» The consolation bracket:
  :: This bracket will appropriately determine places 5 – 16 for the tournament.
  :: As teams lose in the above brackets, they will move into the consolation brackets.
» Captains from each team should meet about 5 minutes before the start of the game to determine field position and which team will pull.
» Typically, two discs are "tossed" in the air and a member from one team calls it.
» The winner of the toss can decide whether to pull or receive to begin OR choose which side of the field they would like to begin.
» The loser of the toss gets to choose the option that the loser deferred.
» To win a game, a team must win by two points.
» Teams are able to win by 1 point (rather than 2) in the following scenarios:
  :: A team reaches the point cap, OR
  :: A team is winning the game at the conclusion of the point played AFTER the hard cap goes into effect.
Example: In a game to 13 with 10 minutes before the hard cap goes on, Team A has 13 points and team B has 12 points.  Play continues until either team is ahead by 2 points, either team reaches 15, OR hard cap goes on, in which case the current point is played out and who ever has more points is the winner.  (See hard cap rules for a tie). 
» A hard time cap is the ending of the game once a predetermined time of play has elapsed and after the current scoring attempt is completed. If the score is tied, play continues until one additional goal is scored.
Example: Hard cap sounds » Finish point » Game is over » A tie means one more point ("universe point") is played to determine the winner.
» Please note that the next point begins the moment the current point is finished (ie, when a goal is scored). Therefore, if the hard cap sounds before a team pulls ("in between points"), the disc must still be pulled and the point played.
» The hard cap will be indicated by a horn. Please be sure to acknowledge the hard cap with your team as well as with your current opponent. Games shouldn't end as a "surprise" because one team was unaware of the hard cap.
» We will continue to use our 2015 gender policy, as stated below.
» Receiving team (offense) with 2 or more girls present must always put at least one girl on each receiving line.
» Pulling team (defense) has to match the receiving line's gender ratio up to one less girl than the pulling team has present at the game.
Example: Offense puts 5 girls on line » Defense has 3 girls present » Defense must match 2 girls minimum.
» Pulling team (defense) must always match at least one girl. If the pulling team cannot match at least girl, the pulling team must then play down one player for that point.
» Halftime begins when one team's score first reaches or exceeds half of the game total.
Example: In a game played to 11, halftime is reached when a team scores 6 points. For a game played to 13, halftime is reached when a team scores 7 points.
» Halftime for 80 minute hard cap games is a maximum of 5 minutes but may be shorter.
» Halftime for 100 minute hard cap games is a maximum of 10 minutes but may be shorter.
» Each team will receive 1 timeout per half plus one "floating" timeout which can be used in either half.
» A team timeout lasts 70 seconds.
» The receiving team must signal readiness to play within seventy seconds after the previous goal was scored.
» The pulling team must release the pull before the later to occur of:
  :: ninety seconds after the previous goal was scored; or
  :: twenty seconds after the receiving team signaled readiness.
» In other words, once the receiving team signals reediness to play, the pulling team must pull within 20 seconds.
» The first instance of a time violation for each team will result in a warning. After a team has received its warning, any further time violations will result in assessment of a team time-out (and the resulting time extensions). If a team has no time-outs remaining, time violations are treated as follows:
  :: time violation on receiving team: the receiving team starts with the disc at the midpoint of the end zone they are defending, after players set up and a check is performed.
  :: time violation on pulling team: the receiving team starts with the disc at midfield, after players set up and a check is performed.
» Zone defense are permitted at this event.
» All teams/players must have both a light AND a dark jersey option.
» While not all jerseys for a given team need to be the same, there should be no confusion as to who is on what team (hence having both the light and dark options).
» Teams may request that a player change his or her jersey/shirt if it is confusing.
» Generally, team captains will "flip" for jersey preference (this can be done at the same time team flip for possession/field position before the start of a match).

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - State Championship Qualifier Tournament
Mark Jaworski: // 614.371.7881
Welcome to the 2015 CHSUL City Tournament

2015 High School State Championships

  States CA   D-I Boys'
D-II Boys'
  States CO   D-I Boys'
D-II Boys'


  States CT   Boys'          
  States GA   D-I Boys'
D-II Boys'

  States ID           Mixed  
  States IL   Boys'   Girls'      
  States in   Boys'          
  States IA   Boys'          
  States KY   Boys'          
  States ME   Boys'   Girls'   Mixed  
  States MD   Boys'          
  States MA   D-I Boys'
D-II Boys'
D-III Boys'

  States MN   Boys'   Girls'      
  States MO   Boys'   Girls'      
  States NH   Boys'          
  States NJ   D-I Boys'
D-II Boys'

  States NY   Boys'   Girls'      
  States NC   Boys'   Girls'      
  States OH   Boys'
Qualifer 1 / 
2 / 3

  States OR   Boys'   Girls'   Mixed  
  States PA   Boys'   Girls'      
  States TN   Boys'   Girls'      
  States TX   Boys'       Mixed  
  States UT   Boys'
Qualifer North
Qualifier South

  States VT   Boys'   Girls'      
  States VA   Boys'   Girls'      
  States WA   Boys'   Girls'      
  States WI   Boys'   Girls'      

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 If this is your team's first appearance at the State Tournament or if you are traveling from a great distance, you may qualify for a scholarship. Please send an email to the tournament director to see if you qualify.
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