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South Central Women's Regional Championship 2017

City: Beaumont
Date: 9/23/2017 - 9/24/2017
State: TX
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This event is currently set for Invite-Only registration.
  # of teams: 6

# of bids to Nationals: 2



1. Molly Brown
2. Showdown
3. Colorado Small Batch
4. Jackwagon
5. Maeve
6. Inferno
Final Standings: 

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - Regional Championship Tournament
Lindsey Cross,
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After a long week of gathering information and communicating with our event organizers in Beaumont we have confirmed that regionals will remain in Beaumont and be run as planned. We paid special attention to the following details:
Field are ready for use. The soccer complex where regionals is scheduled is hosting a 300 participant youth soccer tournament the weekend before Regionals and they see no issues with the feasibility of playing Ultimate on the fields in two and a half weeks.
Hotel availability. The city of Beaumont has evacuated all of the displaced residents who were utilizing hotel rooms in the Beaumont area. This was to ensure they had potable drinking water. There are no plans or expectations that displaced residents will return to Beaumont hotels in the future. Hotel rooms for regionals weekend are cheap and plentiful. We highly recommend that wherever you book that you call the hotel desk to ensure they are operating smoothly and can easily accommodate your group for regionals. And don't forget about the USAU membership discounts at certain chains.
Drinking water. The flood waters have receded and the cities water pumps are exposed. The city reports that water will be up and running throughout the city by this weekend. We'll monitor this situation closely and if any accommodations need to be made at the event to ensure safe drinking water we will ensure it is done.
Other services (food, fuel, etc...). Most of the restaurants, stores, and gas stations in the Beaumont area are already up and running and are ready to serve our participants.
Rental cars. Many participants will be flying into Houston. We have contacted a number of rental car agencies to ensure the availability of vehicles. It should not be a problem. To ensure the best possible service do reserve right away and if you have a rewards membership with a rental car company do use it as you'll receive priority if any problems arise.
Volunteers. Regionals is depending heavily on a local college team for volunteers. School is in session, students are on campus, and the team is practicing. We fully expect enough volunteers to support the event. We are please to know that Beaumont is ready for our participants and we are very happy that we can support a little economic activity in the wake of a terrible situation for the region. We'll follow up with all of you following sectionals to confirm all the final details (bid fee deadlines, etc...).

Please let us know if you have any questions.

SC Women's Regionals Coordinator