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Southwest Dev College Men's CC

City: Irvine
Date: 4/11/2015 - 4/12/2015
State: CA
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Format: 9.1 (1 bid to D-I Regionals)
Final Standings: 
  *1 - Arizona State B
  2 -  California B
  3t - UCLA B 
  3t - UCSB B
  5t - UCSD B 
  5t - UC Davis B
  7 - Cal Poly SLO B
  8 (DNF) - Arizona B
  9 - Arizona State C
*Advances to D-I Regionals
Tournament Recap:
Saturday Pool Play:
Pool A: Arizona State B comes out strong and rides to an undefeated day on the strength of their deep roster and home field advantage.  Cal B, despite a small roster of only 9, gives ASU B a tough frist game, losing on universe 9-8, before winning the rest of their games.  ASU C comes up just short twice, losing 8-7 to both UC-Davis B and Arizona.  
Pool B: All games were hard fought, but UCLA B comes out on top with agressive man D, a deep roster, and a strong huck game.  UCSB B is a close second, with equally strong D and good handler movement, but not quite as deep a roster.  UCSD B defeated SLO B in the last round to get a win after playing both both SD and SB close earlier in the day.
Sunday Bracket:
A light breeze greeted teams today, making games every so slightly upwind/downwind.  The first round games all went to seed with no close matches.  In the semis, ASU B opened up the game with an upwind-downwind pair of breaks against UCSB B and while UCSB B recovered, ASU B's efficient O-line did not allow for the comeback and the D picked up a few more breaks along the way to an 11-6 win.  Cal B used the chemistry and experience gained from playing with a small roster all weekend to get the jump on UCLA B early and go up big.  UCLA B won the second half, but it wasn't enough to win the game as Cal held on 15-8. In the finals it appeared Cal's small roster finally got to them, as ASU B jumped to a big early lead, capitalizing on some uncharacteristic Cal mistakes.  Arizona State B kept the pressure on in the second half, finishing the tournament with a layout catch on a huck and a 15-5 win.
Notes: This is Arizona State B's 3rd straight SW Dev Conf title.  ASU B will represent the SW Dev Conference at D-1 Regionals, the first time a mens B team has made an appearance at the tournament since the regional redraw and college series reformatting in 2011.  Thanks to all the teams who attended for making the drive out to Arizona and making this a great tournament!

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - Conference Championship Tournament
Field Map:
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USAU Southwest Region Developmental Conference Championships (aka B-Team Regionals) The winner of the tournament will be awarded a bid to SW D1 Regionals on May 2-3 in Sacramento, CA For more information contact: Brett B. Carr USAU Southwest Region Developmental Conference Coordinator

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