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TCT Pro-Elite Challenge 2016 (Colorado Cup)

City: Aurora
Date: 7/30/2016 - 7/31/2016
State: CO
Men Schedule
Mixed Schedule
Women Schedule

This event is currently set for Invite-Only registration.
Men's Division:
Ironside (Boston, MA)
Machine (Chicago, IL)
Doublewide (Austin, TX)
Ring of Fire (Raleigh, NC)
Truck Stop (Washington, D.C.)
Prairie Fire (Kansas City, KS)
Madison Club (Madison, WI)
Sub Zero (Minneapolis, MN)
Patrol (Philadelphia, PA)
High Five (Ann Arbor, MI)
Johnny Bravo (Denver, CO)
Rhino (Portland, OR)
PoNY (New York, NY)
Temper (Pittsburgh, PA)
Inception (Denver, CO)
Guerrilla (Oakland, CA)
Mixed Division:
Chad Larson Experience (Ames, IA)
Ambiguous Grey (Washington, D.C.)
Blackbird (San Francisco, CA)
Metro North (Mianus, CT)
Wild Card (Boston, MA)
Love Tractor (Boulder, CO)
NOISE (Madison, WI)
Mischief (San Francisco, CA)
7 Figures (Los Angeles, CA)
Steamboat (Cincinnati, OH)
Alloy Ultimate (Pittsburgh, PA) - formerly the Muffin Men
Cosa Nostra (Austin, TX)
Platypi (Chico, CA)
Bird (Minneapolis, MN)
Mesteño (Denver, CO)
The Administrators (Willamette Valley, OR)
Women's Division:
Brute Squad (Boston, MA)
Riot (Seattle, WA)
Fury (San Francisco, CA)
Molly Brown (Denver, CO)
Traffic (Vancouver, WA)
Scandal (Washington, D.C.)
Nightlock (San Francisco, CA)
Phoenix (Raleigh, NC)
Ozone (Atlanta, GA)
Heist (Madison, WI)
Schwa (Portland, OR)
Bent (New York, NY)
Showdown (Austin, TX)
Nemesis (Chicago, IL)
Green Means Go (Philadelphia, PA)
Underground (Seattle, WA)

Event Type:
Sanctioned Tournament - Sanctioned Club Regular Season Tournament
July 1-4   US Open Championships   #usopenRI
July 9-10   Elite-Select Challenge   #TCTESC
July 30-31   Pro-Elite Challenge   #TCTPEC
Aug. 13-14   Select Flight Invite   #TCTSFI
Aug. 20-21   Pro Flight Finale   #TCTPFF
Sep. 29-Oct. 2   National Championships   #NationalsIL