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Western NY D-I College Men's CC

City: Oneonta
Date: 4/12/2014 - 4/13/2014
State: NY
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Event Type:
Championship Tournament - Conference Championship Tournament
 Final Standings:
(*Qualifies for D-I/D-III/Dev Regionals):
*1 - Cornell
*2 - Queens-Kingston
*3 - Waterloo
*4 - SUNY-Buffalo
*5 - Rochester
6 - SUNY-Brockport
7 - SUNY-Binghamton 
8 - RIT
9 - Syracuse
**results from yesterday plus today will determine who advances.  Below is the combined records from SaturdayPool Play and Sunday's Pool Play Completion:
Waterloo (5-1) via head-to-head tiebreak v SUNY-Buffalo
SUNY-Buffalo (5-1)
Rochester (4-2)
SUNY-Brockport (3-3)
SUNY-Binghamton (2-4)
RIT (1-5)
Syracuse (1-5)
***The remainder of the standings were determined based on pool play completion, and are in order of overall W-L record combining Saturday's pool play record and Sunday's pool play completion record.  Tiebreak between 4th and 5th place was determined based on head to head match up. 
 if you have any questions or concerns please email Tyler Krajec at and cc me to the email