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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Josh Briggeman (Head Coach)
Formally known as the Muff 'n Men, Alloy is a mixed club ultimate frisbee team based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Alloy stands behind the idea of synergy: that the combined team is greater than the sum of its separate elements. Alloy, by definition, is a combination formed purposely to be stronger and more resilient. Our team is looking for talented players who are willing to invest in the program: learn new systems with new teammates, value personal development while helping teammates realize their own goals, and work hard for each other on and off the field. We want to have fun playing the game that we love.

Player Roster

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 Jeremy Kanter H  5'10"
01Christie Lawry Handler/Cutter 
02Megan Briggeman Cutter 
03Maria Bajzek Handler/Cutter 
04Elizabeth Johnson Defense (Cutter) 
06Jordan Roof Defense (Cutter)5'10"
08Nicholas Audette Defense (Cutter)6'2"
10Stephanie Kane Cutter5'3"
11Michael Reeves Defense (Cutter/Handler)5'9"
12Nicole Fiorentino S Defense (Cutter) 
13JEREMY SLIDER Handler/Cutter5'8"
14Lauren Franke S Handler/Cutter5'10"
17Jesse Kummer Handler6'1"
18Jed Farber H Handler/Cutter6'1"
22Mark Pitts Defense (Cutter/Handler) 
24Alexander Thomas Defense (Cutter)6'0"
26Kelsey Cowles S Defense (Cutter/Handler)5'2"
27Anson Reppermund Defense (Cutter/Handler) 
29JOHN MONTOYA Defense (Cutter) 
30AARON KANE Defense (Handler) 
31AARON BUSS Defense (Cutter/Handler) 
33Eliana Bonifacino Cutter 
48Jimmy Towle H Defense (Cutter/Handler)5'9"
59Bryan Bernard Cutter 
82Isaac Smith Defense (Handler) 
85William Hefferon Defense (Cutter)1'0"
86Robert Paolini H Defense (Cutter)