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Coalition Ultimate

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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We are a mixed team out of the Twin Cities that is looking challenge the regional teams and have fun!!

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Brian Paulus   
0Callie Auman S Cutter5'5"
0Emily Dalhoff Handler5'6"
0Natalie Cooper   
0Rebekah Snead   
1Jordan Rosevold Cutter 
4Scott Schultz Handler5'10"
5Jacob Johnson Cutter 
6Austin Clifford  1'0"
6Corey Clifford Defense (Cutter)6'0"
10Josiah Moore Handler6'2"
14Jessica Hendrickson S Cutter5'5"
19Gavin Sunde Handler 
19Beau Hawkinson  5'11"
21Cody Rondeau Handler/Cutter6'4"
23Clancy Ferris S Handler5'0"
24Nate Phillips Cutter6'1"
27Daniel Bates  5'9"
28Megan Huntley Cutter 
34Caty Ferris Schultz Cutter6'9"
43Michael Loper Cutter 
44Colin Williams Handler6'0"
52Riley Tauer Cutter