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Old #7

Lynchburg, Tennessee

Competition Level:
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Mixed Masters team out of Nashville, TN and Huntsville, AL

Player Roster

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00Matthew Gallin Handler 
01Josiah Gamble Defense (Cutter/Handler) 
02Michael Guiles, Jr Dump 
11E.C. Gibbs Cutter 
12Colleen Wright Handler5'8"
13Andrew Sieja Handler6'2"
14Jenny Newby Cutter5'7"
15Phil Mantel Dump 
16Patrick Hard Cutter 
18Mariana Rodriguez Cutter5'8"
19Grant Gardner Cutter 
25Sara Gibson Handler/Cutter 
26Wade Pettus Cutter 
32James Wright Handler/Cutter6'0"
34Ray Davenport Mid 
42Andy Barnhart Dump6'0"
43Kayla Ferguson Defense (Cutter/Handler) 
47Stacie Coleman Cutter5'4"
50Sean Allan Defense (Cutter)6'5"
54Heather Gardner Cutter 
70Barbie Wright Cutter 
82Amy Guiles Cutter 
92Victor Wu Handler 
96Mark Ullom Defense (Cutter/Handler)5'9"
98Maureen Gleason Defense (Cutter)