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2019 USA Ultimate Masters Championships

City: Aurora
Date: 7/19/2019 - 7/21/2019
State: CO
Men Schedule
Mixed Schedule
Women Schedule

This event is currently set for Invite-Only registration.
Final Spirit Standings
Masters Women's Division- PDXtra
Masters Men's Division- Gravy Train
Masters Mixed Division- Default
Grand Masters Men's Division- Burnside 40
Grand Masters Women's Division- Peak Bloom
Great Grand Masters Men's Division- Kingdome
Final Standings
Masters Women's Division
1. Golden Poppies
2. iRot
3. Molly Grey
4. Ripe
5T. C.O.U.G.A.R.S.
7T. Aged Cheddar
7T. cOld Lava
9T. PDXtra
9T. Mint
11T. Loose Cannon
11T. Rusting Bridge Face
13T. Hot Flash
13T. Yeehaw
15T. Gaspee Burners
15T. G.O.S.E.
Masters Men's Division
1. Voltron 2020
2. Boneyard
3. Johnny Encore
4. All Bashed Out
5T. Surly
5T. Viejo
7T. Rest Stop
7T. Royal Stag
9T. Beyondors
9T. Geronimo
11T. King Louie
11T. Naptown
13T. JOIN, or DIE.
13T. Pacemaker
15T. 10th Edition
15T. Gravy Train
Masters Mixed Division
1. Cool Biz
2. Hey Babe
3. Old #7
4. Shipwreck
5T. 512
5T. Unambiguously Grey
7T. Molasses Disaster
7T. Snowbirds
9T. Pheathers and Phurr
9T. grAMPs R US
11T. Drag'n Rust
11T. San Francisco Bridge Club
13T. Antiques Roadshow
13T. Trickle Down
15T. Default
15T. Old Rush
Grand Masters Men's Division
1. Surly GM
2. Johnny Walker
3. Eldors
4. Reckon
5T. No Country
5T. ShutDown
7T. Chicago Archive
7T. Shadows
9T. Bighorn
9T. Kalakala
11T. Sick Hammers
11T. Burnside 40
13T. Chuckanut
13T. Endless Sunset
15T. GrandMaster Flash
15T. Rust
Grand Masters Women's Division
1. Solstice
2. Boston
3. Atlantiques
4. Furari
5T. Retro
5T. She The North
7T. J2
7T. Prime
9T. Badonkadonk
9T. Sugarbowl
11T. Off Their Rockers
11T. Peak Bloom
Great Grand Masters Men's Division
1. Relics
3. DoG
4. Surly GGM
5T. Clouds
5T. Kingdome
7T. Recycled
7T. Thirst'N'Howl
9T. Old and in the Way
9T. Second Wind
11T. Archive (GGM)
11T. Damento
Finals will be staggered across the divisions with all finals being completed by 3pm.
Registration will be held Thursday night at the Dry Dock Brewing Company - North Dock. Registration will run from 6pm - 8pm. This is mandatory for all teams so please have a represenative there to check-in, big up tournament schwag, receive captains pack, and get any last minute updates. There will be no captains meeting for the tournament.
The Saturday night part will also be at the Dry Dock Brewery Company - North Dock from 7pm - 11pm.
Learn to Play clinic
As always, we will split into groups based on experience and age, so there will be player development drills and games for kids who already have experience and those new to the sport.  
All participants will receive a free disc.
Who: Kids ages 18 and under
Where: Aurora Sports Park, Aurora, CO
When: Saturday, July 20 from 9:00 am-11:00 am
Cost: Free! Register online or on-site.

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - National Championship Tournament
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The USA Ultimate Masters Championships returns to Aurora, CO where teams in six divisions will vie for the National Championship on July 19-21. Masters Division - Men's, Mixed and Women's; Grand Masters - Men's and Women's; Great Grand Masters - Men's