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Prairie Fire

Kansas City, Kansas

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Team focuses on intensity, discipline, and hard work. Due to these principles and an unwavering competitive spirit, the top talent from around the Midwest have come together to help Prairie Fire emerge as an Elite club team on the national stage.

Player Roster

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 Joe Young Handler5'9"
 Allen Jones Defense (Cutter)6'0"
0Jesse White Deep6'0"
0Brett Hidaka Handler 
0Danny Kurz Defense (Cutter)6'1"
0Thomas Schreiber Defense (Cutter)6'0"
0Brian Trussell Dump5'10"
0Jones Clemons Handler 
0Kaplan Maurer Handler/Cutter 
0Jay Froude Cutter 
0Thomas Kulczak Handler5'11"
0Peter (PJ) Matulka Handler/Cutter 
0Tim Robbins Defense (Cutter)6'0"
0Peter Miller Defense (Cutter)5'11"
0Joe Nickels Cutter5'11"
0Cole Petsche Deep6'2"
0Cameron Hunter Handler/Cutter5'8"
0Matt Jackson Handler/Cutter5'8"
0Chas Busch Handler6'0"
0Joe Wheelock Defense (Cutter/Handler)6'0"
0Christian Simpson Handler/Cutter 
0Robert Coffin Handler/Cutter 
0Colin Fry Defense (Cutter)6'0"
85Valley Renshaw Handler/Cutter6'3"