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Cincinnati, Ohio

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With a core of Cincinnati Steamboat’s club mixed players at the helm, Beachboat is excited to make another return trip to the shores of the Atlantic. Steamboat was formed in 2008 and is the Great Lakes region’s longest-running mixed program. Over the years, shipmates have travelled extensively to play grass tournaments around the US, but in 2011, eager to test out our sea legs, we navigated uncharted waters as Batello a Vapore to the harbors of Paganello and docked there again in 2012. Now, with some new crew on board, we’re hoisting anchor and setting course to Virginia Beach to compete together on American sand at our third Beach Championships in May 2017.

Player Roster

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2Nancy Haskell Cutter 
3Eddie Mack H Handler5'7"
4Katherine Claiborne Cutter 
5Ryan Gorman H Handler/Cutter6'3"
6Stephanie Mack Handler/Cutter5'5"
7Bryan Walsh Handler5'11"
8Tim Settles H Cutter6'0"
22Brittany Winner Cutter5'10"
23Nichole Kwee Handler 
33Austin Winner Cutter6'2"
66Mya Hernandez S Cutter5'6"
77Daniel Khoe Cutter5'9"