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Haverford (Big Donkey Ultimate)

Haverford, Pennsylvania

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Big Donkey Ultimate is a competitive DIII Ultimate Program at Haverford College. We host two tournaments each year: Haverween in the fall and Layout Pigout in the spring.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Adiel Benisty    
0Benjamin Bergerson    
0Matthew Curran  Elementary School (K)1'0"
0Xavier DeVore    
0Julian Frost    
0Gabriel Jones-Thomson    
0Keeton Martin  College (SO)6'5"
0Daniel Mathis    
0Nathan Maya    
0Mariah Newfont    
0Deep Patel Deep  
0Mihir Patel   1'0"
0Steven Pei    
0Logan Post    
0Solomon Presser    
0Simon Thill    
0Alec Wallach  College (SO)1'0"
0Jingbang Zhu    
1Hank Greenberg   10'10"
3Frederick Gould   6'9"
6Gavin Crowell H  College (SO)5'10"
7Vir Goyal  College (FR)5'7"
8Joshua Engler    
12Harrison Taussig    
13Jacob Gorenburg  College (SO)10'11"
15Jake Gold    
17Mateo Zules    
20Brandon Alonso    
27Jackson Foyle    
29Anna Malkov   5'5"
31Eric Beery H    
33Eli Melnick H/T  Elementary School (3rd grade)3'3"
48Aidan Bannon  College (SO)5'11"
61Theodore Smith H