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Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Beacon is an ultimate frisbee team based in West Michigan that competes in the USAU Club Open division! The team was founded to provide a strong community of passionate players in West Michigan that are seeking highly competitive ultimate. Beacon seeks to compete hard every single point but never at the cost of sportsmanship.

Player Roster

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0Alex Bertoia  3'5"
1Gabe Ecenbarger  6'0"
1Michael Mansfield H  6'0"
2Christopher Hoxsey   
3Phouttasone (Preston) Saycocie   
4Trevor Polisuk-Balfour  5'10"
5Zachary Turner  6'0"
7Ryan Lee  5'8"
8Eric Kas  5'10"
9Mitch Frauenheim H   
10Dillon Lee  5'8"
12Jonah Berman   
13Branden Martz H  6'0"
14Sawyer Fil  6'0"
16David LaDuke  5'10"
18Malachi Neil  6'1"
21Justin Von Kulajta Winn   
22Chase Rospond   
23Christopher Smith  6'9"
24Jakob Dabkowski   
25Brendan Schwalm   
27Colin Fremeau  5'10"
29James May   
30Austin Masselink   
34Colin Beauregard  6'0"
35Mitchell Savage H   
46Anthony Heath  5'8"
49Nathan Zock H   
54Aaron Schwieterman H  6'1"
61Caleb Stanish  6'3"
69Hunter Noorman   
81Alec DenBraber   
84Michael Weber  5'10"
88Jesse Otten  6'1"