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Old Growth (OG)

Silicon Valley, California

Competition Level:
Grand Masters
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THE Silicon Valley Grand Masters Ultimate team. During timeouts, we are happy to address your IT issues. Our specialties include Windows 95, punch card jams and the Y2K bug. Before each game please sign the updated version of our End User Agreement. We are not affiliated with Uber, do not accept bitcoin and none of our players work at Hooli. NOTE: Our team drone has some limited defensive capabilities. Please do not look directly at, nor mock it. In addition, do not engage Lance's autopilot feature. It is reliable neither in emergencies nor bright sunlight. Silicon Valley (SF Bay Area, CA) based Grand Masters Team formed in 2012.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Douglas Eck Mid 
2Jason Chen Handler/Cutter6'0"
3Gregory Dibb Defense (Cutter)5'10"
5Terry Osterdock Mid5'10"
6Vikram Makhija Mid 
7Rick Needham Defense (Handler) 
9Jim Fung   
10Alex Meyer Defense (Cutter/Handler) 
11Travis Finucane Defense (Cutter)6'1"
14Daniel Kramer Defense (Cutter) 
18Josh Sacks Mid 
19Ben Rosner   
20Richard Colbeth Mid 
21Jim Wang Mid 
24Chris McConn Mid 
25JEFF HU Mid 
26George Matsumoto Cutter 
28Philip MacKenzie Handler 
33Matthew Storch Defense (Cutter) 
36William Mark Deep 
40David Tran Handler 
42Emilian Ochotta Handler/Cutter 
49Faisal Haq Mid 
59Greg Yachuk Mid 
65Tom Nolan Handler5'11"
77Brendan Yee Mid 
78Bobby Nguyen   
84Sean Trabosh Handler/Cutter 
94Bryan Pon Defense (Cutter) 
99Ron Ho H Defense (Cutter)