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TN / GA / AL / FL etc, Tennessee

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Grand Masters
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Reckon is a term we use to let you know we understand. A word used so much it has become culture. Reckon, ain't, y'all, you will hear 'em all. We hail from the dirty-dirty South. We have a combination of bad air, big hair, soul music, and whack traffic. A place where neckties, flies, wife beaters and skeeters converge on humid days and sultry nights. We are a proud group of almosts and has-beens, ready to bring our high fives on some beautiful turf. Bless your heart, y'all better stand back, and stay clear, for we r ‘bout to bring it, a hear? Y’all Reckon?

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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 Stephen LaCrosse  6'3"
 John (Rusty) Sewell   
 Kimball Walton   
0Sean Brown Handler5'10"
0HUGH DASCHBACH Handler/Cutter6'2"
0Guillermo Iturriza Handler/Cutter 
0Tim Laverty Handler 
0Brendon Pardington Cutter 
0Boe Quisenberry Cutter 
0Jason Rector Handler/Cutter 
1Bryan Vance Cutter5'10"
1Peter Winslett Cutter1'0"
3Dan Konisky Handler 
4Jack Blair Cutter 
5Christopher Vanags H Handler/Cutter5'8"
9Mark Stuewe Handler 
10Tony Brown Cutter 
12Mark Przybysz Cutter 
17Charles Shane Seal Handler5'8"
23Peter Jackson Cutter 
44Jon Meade H Handler5'8"
50Benjamin Nanny Cutter 
51Mark Driver Cutter 
55Aaron Brown Cutter6'1"
55Larry Brad Smith Cutter6'0"
75John Riddle Cutter6'5"
81Jacob Altemus H Handler/Cutter6'2"
82Hesston Cavin Cutter6'2"
88Christopher Dawson Cutter