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Georgia (Jojah)

Athens, Georgia

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Parker Bray (Head Coach)
Jojah Ultimate was founded in 1982 in the midst of Reaganomics and Quiet Riot. The economy was good, the metal was loud, and Jojah couldn't wait to sink their teeth into a dirty communist ultimate team. It was truly a simpler time. Jojah has had its ups and downs, including players like Deaver, Crawford, Hammond, and some dude nicknamed "Sneal." For most of these washed-up superstars, it's hard to say which ones were the ups and which were the downs. Throughout our history, Jojah has had notable wins over Kennesaw State University and world hunger. Without reason, the world hunger victory was officially denounced by the UPA as their last act before transitioning to USAU.

Player Roster

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 Thomas Zaiah Bongcaron    
 Zach Brennan    
 Michael Catucci    
 Matthew Davidorf H   1'0"
 Ryan Flick  College (FR)6'1"
 Connor Hanson  College (JR)5'6"
 Isaac Huntington  High School (9th Grade)6'1"
 Noah Li    
 Sam Merritt  Elementary School (1st grade)6'10"
 Adam Miller H  College (FR)5'10"
 Jake Powell  High School (11th Grade)5'8"
 Carter Rathur  College (FR)1'0"
 Julian Shrader  High School (12th Grade)6'2"
2Drew Di Francesco  College (SR) 5'9"
3Jared Bennett  College (GR)6'1"
4Tyler Randall    
6Aidan Downey  College (FR)6'2"
7Jon Ross Ingley   1'0"
11Matthew Cook    
13Coleman Benedict    
21Coleman Tappero    
23John Roorbach    
26Miles Griffin    
27Hayden Austin-Knab  College (SO)6'2"
28Mack Hodges  College (JR)6'0"
29Mason Cary H  College (FR)6'0"
35Travis Kellogg    
41Theodore Sifnaios    
44Ryan Hill  College (JR)5'11"
55Jeremiah Adeola    
88Brandon Li  Elementary School (K)1'0"