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Philly Twist

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Philly Twist is the rebirth of Bitmap - a semi-competitive team that participates in Mid-Atlantic Sectionals. We do several fun tournaments through out the season and practice regularly in the Philadelphia area. For more information, contact us at our email on our website link, or check out our Facebook page @TwistUltimate

Player Roster

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0Matt Ferreri   
1Emilio Weber  5'9"
2Jamie McClintock  5'10"
3Kai Inoki  5'2"
4Emily Gallagher S  5'6"
6Jules Burnstein S   
7Ben Fournier H  5'11"
8Ethan Daum   
9Joseph Corcoran H Handler6'2"
10Ayaaz Versi H  1'1"
11Caroline O'Brien S   
12Colin McCloskey  1'0"
13Christina Holgado   
16Alyssa Colella S   
17Robert Vander Meulen H  5'9"
19Dagny Lott   
21Faith Clayton   
22Keith Zuckerman H  5'10"
23Charles Harrity Handler6'2"
27Tolu Olubajo S/T  5'4"
33Zachary Jacobs   
55Timothy Brubaker H Handler/Cutter6'0"
56Lauren Feder  5'5"
70Maria Kazantsev S Handler5'10"
72Eli Block  5'8"
73Jackson Dolan H   
81Troy Zirkel H  5'11"
96Caitlin Gee  5'6"