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International, New York

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Blackwidows is an Asian Women’s Team with a team motto “Always Hungry” they are also doing a campaign called #strengthinDiversity teaching teams to embrace differences and work together for the spirit of the game and sisterhood. They are players from Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong and Japan.

Player Roster

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 Anjile An S  5'8"
 Florence Armein S  5'0"
 Pimpa Badgley   
 Michelle Cabahug  5'1" 2
 Christine Chen S   
 Shanye Crawford  5'3"
 Kyla Dayer S  5'8"
 Ancilla Marie Inocencio    1
 Neeyati Johnson  1'0" 1 2
 Iris Lam   
 Amy Orellana    3
 Julie Paik S  5'4" 2
 Xinzhi Zou  5'8" 4 3
0Sarah Badawi Cutter 
0Hana Choi  5'5" 4 5 2
0Bryna Cortes  5'6" 1 1
0Valerie Hsieh S  5'4"
0Agnes Lee    1
0Jessica Oh Handler 
0Madeline Stephenson Cutter6'0"
0Joleen Tan   
0Mimi Tran S  1'0" 6 5 1
0Asako Yamamoto S Handler 
0Mingxuan Zhu    1 1 1 6
1Ida Kaled Defense (Handler)5'2"
2Yi Ling Ho Handler 
2Laurel Oldershaw S Handler/Cutter5'2"
4Norkadijah Md Isa Defense (Cutter) 
7Jenna Bergeson Cutter5'11"
10Celine Hor Defense (Cutter) 
13Jean Tuvilla Handler/Cutter  4 5 1 3
16Donna Gee Cutter 
17Elaine Lee Handler/Cutter5'3"
19Christina Lind-Hunter Defense (Cutter)5'3"
22Rica Melissa Garcia Cutter5'1" 1 1
31Tham Yue Hao Defense (Cutter) 
69Esther Devadas Handler5'3"
73Kristin Yip Defense (Cutter) 
93Fiona Pang Handler