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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Formerly known as the Muff 'n Men, Alloy is the elite mixed club ultimate frisbee team based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Alloy, by definition, is a combination formed purposely to be stronger and more resilient. Our team is looking for talented players who are willing to invest in the program: learn new systems with new teammates, value personal development while helping teammates realize their own goals, and work hard for each other on and off the field.

Player Roster

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0Laramie Aspegren  6'2"
0Benjamin Attal   
0Hannah Boyd  5'3"
0Gabrielle Doran S   
0Kelsey Fink  5'6"
0Rachel Greenwald S   
0Andrew Grogan  6'2"
0Allison Hill   
0Katy Holt S   
0Joseph Keat H  7'11"
0James Keat  6'3"
0Christie Lawry   
0Rachael Liu  5'5"
0Sean McCoy H  5'8"
0Joseph Merante  6'9"
0Thomas Merante   
0Kyle Morgan H   
0Jake Murray   
0Connor Newell  6'1"
0Maxwell Olesen H/T  5'10"
0Scott Olinger H  6'2"
0Svetlana Romanova S  5'3"
2Sean Newell Cutter5'5"
3Maria Bajzek   
8Jeremy Kanter H Deep5'10"
8Vivian Shen S Cutter8'8"
11Leo Warren H Handler 
12Nicole Fiorentino S   
13Jesse Kummer  6'1"
22Mark Pitts Cutter 
24Sam Schurer H Handler6'0"
26Kelsey Cowles S  5'2"
27Darra Reppermund Cutter5'6"
34Will Hoffenkamp H Handler/Cutter6'4"
37Alan Gruntz   
52Ellis Baehr Cutter 
72Joseph Norby Cutter6'1"
85William Hefferon  1'0"
88Christopher Martin