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Iowa State (Woman Scorned)

Ames, Iowa

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Woman Scorned was founded in 2002 by Rachel Derscheid who continued to coach the team to our first College Nationals appearance in 2009. Throughout our history we have maintained these core beliefs: 1: Having fun is the most important thing. Winning does not dictate fun. If we play the game right and give all we have, ultimate is fun whether we win or lose. 2: We want to be the team that every team wants to play. We compete our hardest against every opponent but never at the sacrifice of spirit. 3: Commit to each other as one cohesive team. Hold yourself and your teammates accountable, and value each other for everything each person contributes. The team’s name was derived from the quote by William Congreve "Heav'n has no rage like love to hatred turned. Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn'd." We are very thankful for the support of our friends, families, and alumni. Captains contact info:

Player Roster

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0Angela Clapp S CutterCollege (SR) 5'3"
0Ella Duster    
0Olivia Fox S    
0Kayla Frickenstein  College (JR)5'5"
0Ayah Gleisner S    
0Jayna Misra S   5'3"
1Clare Holden Cutter  
2Sydney Mier  College (FR)5'5"
3Lisa Hansen    
4Saiyara Iftekharuzzaman S  College (SR) 5'3"
5Whitney Willoz    
7Anna Werner S    
9Presley Philipp    
11Mia Charlson    
12Rachel Leholm   5'4"
13Marina Jacobson S  College (SR) 5'2"
14Taylor Hanson S  College (SR) 5'9"
15Bailey Dennis    
18Maria Schiffer    
19Margaret Wolfe  College (FR)5'7"
20Liz Walters S  College (SR) 5'4"
21Caroline Walrich S  College (SR) 5'6"
22Kiah Christopherson S    
24Lindsey Klatt    
26Emma Haynes S    
27Grace Buelow  College (SO)5'6"
28Alex Gustafson S/T   5'2"
33Sara Swenson    
34Natalie Rhodes S    
44Anna Hanson S/T  College (GR)5'1"
46Cate Frickx  College (JR)5'4"
55Faith Hall    
63Josie Nichols S  College (SR) 6'0"
68Katelynn Elliott  College (SR) 5'2"
69Gayle Yii  Elementary School (K)6'9"
88Jillian Olson Cutter