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Void Cat Rewind

Sunnyvale, California

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VCR is a new select-flight aspiring women’s division team in the South Bay. We aim to foster an inclusive and positive team culture and community through transparency and open communication.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Amy Chang Handler 
0Adele Zawada Cutter 
4Emily Loo Cutter5'1"
4Macy Vollbrecht S Cutter5'8"
5Helena Wu S Cutter5'2"
7Angela Louh Handler/Cutter5'5"
8Jocelyn Tran S Cutter 
9Tiffany Gemmell S Handler5'5"
10Kara Horwald Cutter 
11Jade Bedley Handler 
13Sophey Dong T Cutter1'3"
16Elena Neale-Sacks Handler5'4"
17Molly Cluff S Cutter5'6"
18Sayako Uchida Handler 
20J Ishida Cutter 
21Kathleen Johnston Handler5'4"
23Emilie "Shep" Shepherd S Handler5'8"
25Sophie Chen Handler5'6"
27Lucy Burns S Cutter5'11"
30Rachel Roberts Handler5'1"
33Roselene Chen S Cutter 
37Jazlyn Akaka Cutter 
55Elena Kamas Handler 
65Alma Sugiarto S Handler/Cutter 
77Bryn Levitan Handler5'5"