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Discountry Ultimate Club-Senior

Bogota, Cundinamarca CO

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Our team was created in 2013 to compete in the mixed division, in Colombia (South America), and we are the first champion of the mixed division in our country. For winning in 2013 the national AJUC championship, we classify the WUCC 2014 in Lecco, Italy, making an acceptable first participation in this event. But since 2014, after returning from Italy, we decided to continue in the men's division, because we like the demand and competitiveness in this division. Since then we have continued competing, winning some national championships, competing in tournaments and staying among the best teams in Colombia. Last year, we traveled to Argentina to PAUCC 2017 and we achieved the third (3°) place in men's division, now our intention is to compete in USA where best players will face. Our club it's conformed for men between 19 and 32 years of age. We want to be in USA to compete and learn from the best.

Player Roster

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3Bryan Castro Defense (Handler) 
4Benjamin Sepulveda Handler/Cutter 
6jasid sepulveda Mid 
7Andres felipe sanchez Handler/Cutter 
14Daniel Olarte Deep 
17Jose Luis Montoya Leon Cutter 
22Juan David Beltrán Cutter 
29jose escobar Cutter 
31David Fernando Arias Handler 
60damian rey Defense (Cutter)'"
66Esteban Campuzano Cutter 
80Andres Hernandez Defense (Handler) 
89Julian Quintero Rodriguez H Handler5'9"