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Rochester (EZ Women)

Rochester, New York

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Chelsea Rybak (Head Coach)
The Rochester EZ's are a bunch of good looking goofballs who love playing ultimate. Led by solid instincts and raw athleticism, the EZs are a young team with a lot of depth and speed. Look out Western New York, look out America, because EZ does it.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Adina Goldstein Dump  
0Kater Ennada Helali S Dump  
0Rosemary MacLean Dump  
0Maya Manan-Singh S Dump  
0Vicky Wu S Dump  
0Yinghan Yu Dump  
2Mimi Jung S DumpCollege (SR) 5'2" 3
4Kaitlynn McCay DumpCollege (SO)5'4" 1
5Brighid Bugos S DumpCollege (JR)5'6" 2
7Puck Moser T DumpCollege (JR)1'0" 1
8Qingyuan Jia S Dump 1'1" 1 1 1
9Claire Breitinger S DumpCollege (JR)5'6"
10Kristina Medina Dump  
11Allison Kuck S DumpCollege (SR) 4'11" 2
12Abby Che Dump  
13Kaitlin Chung S/T Dump 1'0" 1
14Olaniyi Harty S Dump  
15Wendy Zimmerman DumpCollege (SO)5'3" 1
16Katie Phillips S DumpCollege (SR) 5'8"
17Madeline White S DumpCollege (SR) 5'5"
18Lois Wang Dump  
20Madison Lang S Dump 10'0" 1 1 2
24Maggie MacAdam S DumpCollege (SO)5'4" 1 2 1
27Emily Xu S DumpCollege (JR)5'4" 3 3 4
30Carina Giordano S DumpCollege (FR)5'6"
33Sophie Stahl S/T DumpCollege (JR)5'3" 3
35Olivia Silsby S DumpCollege (JR)5'6"
66Jiayun Yu S DumpCollege (FR)5'7" 2
68Brynn Schauman H/S/T Dump   1 1
82Ivy Chang S DumpCollege (FR)5'5" 1 1
96April Loy H/S DumpCollege (SO)6'9" 1 2
98Eileen Bequette S DumpCollege (SR) 5'11" 3 4 2 6