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Georgetown Brewing

Seattle, Washington

Competition Level:
Grand Masters
Gender Division:
Georgetown Ultimate builds upon a strong tradition of top-notch ulimate in the Pacific Northwest, drawing talent from across the region. We seek high-quality beer and high-quality competition to rekindle the competitive spirit and camaraderie from our earlier years in the sport. We thank our generous sponsor, Georgetown Brewing Company and their owner Manny Chao, for their ongoing support. We are thrilled to be coming to Denver to match our legs, throws, and wits against the other Grand Masters teams, and even more thrilled not to be going back to the ridiculous heat of Sarasota.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Stephen LaCrosse Deep6'3" 5 1
1Laurence Verbeck Handler6'4" 6
2Spencer Reeder Handler  6 5
3Stephen Feldman Mid  7 6
4Chris Page Mid6'0"
5Joshua Monaghan Handler 
5Larry Uhlman Defense (Cutter)5'11" 1 4
6Wolfe Maykut Defense (Cutter)  4 2
7Lars Fjelstad Defense (Cutter)5'11" 9
8Adam Croft Cutter  5 1
9ALEXANDER LUBOFF Defense (Handler)  1 3
9Mark McGhee Defense (Handler)5'9" 4 8
11Jude LaRene Defense (Cutter)6'1" 8
12Darrin "Bly" Byle Defense (Cutter)5'5" 4
13Dennis Karlinsky Handler5'11" 2
14Daniel Powers Handler6'1" 2
16Tim Laverty Handler  9
20Bryan M McGriff H Defense (Cutter)5'10" 5 2
24David Peabody Cutter6'0" 2
28William Bartram H Mid5'7" 3 1
33Jeremy Clark Mid6'4"
41BEN LAVERTY Handler/Cutter5'8" 1
43David Chickering Defense (Cutter)5'11" 4
44Michael Lapham Defense (Cutter)  1
55Chris Artibello Defense (Handler)  1 5
67Stephen Finn Mid6'1"
72Fraser Stanton Defense (Handler)  1
88Travis Frazier Defense (Handler)  6
99Jerald Keister Mid6'0" 5 2