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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Trudge)

Troy, New York

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RPI's Trudge is one of the oldest College teams and we carry with us a reputation of determination and enthusiasm. We are a team with a rich history and a strong alumni base and we hope to make an impact on the Metro East region this year.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Michael Bagdasarian    
0Izik Bakhshiyev    
0Noam Benson-Tilsen    
0Joshua Bernardo    
0Dominic Beyer H    
0Ben Brandl    
0Liam Bywater    
0Joseph Carlisle    
0Benjamin Chabot    
0Dalton Chick Penland H    
0Nathan Crowell    
0Jeremiah D’Imperio    
0Ethan Deecher    
0Peter Dustin    
0Chris Faxon    
0Jack Gest  Elementary School (K)10'11"
0Becket Hill    
0Zachary Johnson    
0Matthew Kania    
0Alec Kim    
0Owen Kulik    
0James Leibring H    
0Jacob Long H    
0Dimitri Lopez H    
0Dongsheng Lyu H    
0Andrew Ma    
0Antoine Mathieu    
0Nick Mendes    
0Ethan Mihlstin    
0Nicolas Morawski    
0Trevor Palmiotto   '"
0Joel Puckett    
0Lily Ritter S    
0Andrew Roth    
0Daniel Setareh    
0Ziming Shan H  Elementary School (1st grade)5'10"
0Cole Speare    
0William Tan H    
0Richard Wang    
0Zachary Williams    
0xiaoyu yang    
3Bryce Markel H DumpHigh School (11th Grade)1'0"
4Casey Koenig H  Elementary School (K)10'11"
16Tabitha Earls    
28Justin Mai  High School (11th Grade)5'6"
33Jesse Hartman H Handler  
35Liam Ebner H Handler/CutterCollege (SR) 10'11"
41En Le Samborski  College (JR)5'5"
43Joseph Casente  College (GR)5'5"
48Sean Greatorex    
56Ethan Goedken    
60Vincent Manolis  College (SR) 5'7"
87Dongren Deng HandlerElementary School (2nd grade)1'11"
89Alexander He   5'10"