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Athens, Georgia

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"Time can never mend The careless whispers of a good friend" We'll never forget you JoeMo

Player Roster

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0Brianna Radl Handler/Cutter 
0Josie Veal   
1Katharine Kellogg S Handler/Cutter5'4"
2Martha Wilber Handler/Cutter5'11"
3Jared Bennett Handler/Cutter6'1"
3Fiona Cashin  5'5"
4Paige Howell S Mid 
5Amy Strozinsky Handler/Cutter'"
6Anna White Handler/Cutter5'3"
7Henry Siebentritt Handler/Cutter 
9Christo Ferguson H Handler/Cutter 
10Javid Aceil H Handler/Cutter 
11Mary Rockwell Handler/Cutter 
12John Langstaff Handler/Cutter 
16Jami Cashin Handler/Cutter 
17Katherine Jennings Handler/Cutter 
21Ben Ayres Cutter6'1"
22Suzannah Hope Blackshear Handler/Cutter 
24Patrick Trent Handler/Cutter 
26Kyle Johnson Handler/Cutter 
29Mason Cary H Handler/Cutter6'0"
32Noah Li Handler/Cutter 
35Travis Kellogg Handler/Cutter 
42Jason Jones H Handler/Cutter 
58Jon Ross Ingley Handler/Cutter1'0"
60David William Petmecky H Handler/Cutter6'2"