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Triangle Tourists Girls

Triangle, North Carolina

Competition Level:
Youth Club U-20
Gender Division:

Mike Shyu (Head Coach)
Maya Powell (Head Coach)
Carmen Tormey (Head Coach)
Our team consists of MS/HS Girls and we love having the opportunity to play! It is never too early to plant some seeds and get our players interested in your college program!

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Harper Baer   
0Logan Boshoff H   
0Sonya Buckley   
0Caitlin Buzzard S   
0Christina Cooper  '"
0Emily Earles  5'7"
0Sumi Farrell   
0Ila Gocke   
0Alina Handel   
0Lyran Handel   
0Carmel Hatami   
0Marlowe Herget   
0Stella Hulbert   
0Zoe Huntington   
0Luca Kaminski T   
0Uma Kirk   
0Maya Makarushka-Napp   
0Grace McDaniel S   
0Allysa O'Neill   
0Heather Robinson   
0Sara Rogerson   
0Mikaela Saver   
0Emma Talton   
0Gabriella Taylor   
0Hazel Waller   
0Sagan Yarborough   
1Laura Millan  5'9"
3Katherine Sanders S  5'4"
11Emily Andre  5'3"
14Tatum Cubrilovic S  5'4"
14Lillie O'Neill S   
18Elise Hetland S  5'4"
19Caroleen DeWolf  5'6"
22Keira Linnane S   
27Kika Larrick T  5'2"
41Delphine Liu  5'6"
44Caroline Chen S  1'0"
96Bella Russell S  5'5"