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Haverford (Big Donkey Ultimate)

Haverford, Pennsylvania

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Big Donkey Ultimate is a competitive DIII Ultimate Program at Haverford College. We host two tournaments each year: Haverween in the fall and Layout Pigout in the spring.

Player Roster

No.PlayerPronounsMere Info


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0Gabriel Halperin-Goldstein    
0Maarten Hesseling    
0Alexander Kane    
0Alfred Lee  College (SO)5'7"
0Charles Marx Dump  
0Wallace Miller Dump  
0Jake Murray Dump  
0Gaynor Norcott Dump  
0Nicky Rhodes   1'0"
0Dominick Rowan Dump  
0Daniel Sax    
0Saket Sekhsaria Dump  
0Jack StClair Dump  
0Yuchao Wang Dump  
5TJ von Oehsen  College (FR)5'8"
8Dylan Emery    
8Paul Wynkoop H DumpCollege (GR)5'10"
10Calvin Trisolini H  College (SO)6'1"
17Brett Pogostin  College (FR)1'1"
19Mac Perkins-High  College (SR) 5'10"
22Lucas Athanassiadis    
23Justin Marshall H  College (FR)5'9"
24Jordan Acker   5'7"
25Rory King  College (SO)6'6"
26Alden Daniel   5'10"
37Benjamin Goldstein  Elementary School (K)1'11"
42Lucas Richie H   6'2"
72Michael Weber  College (SR) 1'0"
73Cristian Clothier    
85Ian McGroarty    
98Chris Hoogstraten  College (FR)6'4"