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Seattle, Washington

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Grand Masters
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The ferryboat Peralta was built in 1926. The 256' double-ended vessel was powered by turbo-electric steam turbines. At the time, she was considered the fastest and one of the most luxurious ferries on the bay, but she had a difficult history. After an arsonist started a fire and her superstructure burnt to a twisted mass, she was rebuilt into the ferryboat Kalakala which served on Puget Sound in Washington.

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 Terrence Crowley  5'9"
0Britt Atack  5'11"
0Jason Barnes  5'10"
0Aubrey Cohen   
0Chris Cook   
0Adam Croft   
0Zach Entwistle   
0Joseph Feinstein  5'8"
0Stephen Feldman   
0Travis Frazier   
0Wolfe Maykut   
0Dan Millikan   
0T.R. Morris   
0Chris Page  6'0"
0Bruce Pooler   
0Spencer Reeder   
0John Ryan  5'11"
0Rhetick Sengupta   
0Robert Severson   
0Fraser Stanton   
0Larry Uhlman  5'11"