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American-B (Booty Brown)

Washington, District of Columbia

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Ya mama look like she's been in the dryer with some rocks With the big bust nose sucking dirt out of socks Held up the ice cream truck with a slingshot She grabbed a bag of Cheese Corn and a soda pop Ya mama root'n'toot and stole my loot and my suit She may have the muscles, but no, she's not cute She's not pretty, oh what a pity, got the glass titty Filled up with Kool-aid, just for the kiddies On a cliff butt naked, tootin on a flute Ridin on a horse drinkin whisky out a boot She's got the teeth and the wings of an African bat Her middle name is Mudbone and on top of all that Ya mama got the wooden legs with real feet Ya mama, ya mama, ya mama

Player Roster

 Phillip Colon   
 Ryan Daras   
 Keun Won Lee   
0Alexander Boughton   
0Abraham Cruz   
0Brian Hedal Elementary School (5th grade)2'3"
0Benjamin Hersch College (FR)5'10"
0Grant RoginskiMid  
0Jonathan Seidenwurm College (JR)5'5"
0Alexander WangHandler 1'0"
0Alexander Werner College (JR)5'10"
40Lex Samuels