Account Management
Two time outs per half. CAPS DO NOT AFFECT TIME OUTS.

Games to 15. Win by 2. Point cap at 17.

Overtime: Overtime occurs when a game is tied at 14-14. (Independent of soft cap. Overtime only occurs at 14-14.) In Overtime each team has 1 time out.

2 hour rounds
1:20 soft cap
1:40 hard cap

Soft cap:
1) Finish the current point. (Current point begins as soon as the previous point is scored, regardless of whether the disc has been pulled.)
2) Add 2 to the highest score. Game played to this total, or to 15, whichever is lower.
3) If teams are in overtime when soft cap goes into effect, the game ends when one team reaches the point cap or goes ahead by two points, whichever comes first.

Hard cap:
1) Finish the current point.
2) If one team is ahead, the game is over.
3) If teams are tied, play one more point.