Account Management


USA Ultimate Headquarters provides membership assistance during its business hours, from 8:00am to 5:00pm MT, Monday through Friday. Call the office at 719-219-8322 or send an e-mail anytime to and we will respond as soon as possible, typically within 1-2 business days.

Below are some helpful instructional documents related to common tasks that account holders (players, team managers, chaperones, coaches, etc) typically need to perform in their online accounts.


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Participant Help:

  Create Account   New to USAU?  Create an online account so you can join a team, sign a waiver, become a members, get rostered for events, attend clinics, receive certifications, track your event history and much more.
Sign Annual Waiver Online


Sign your annual waiver from your online account. Paper copies are available here membership page if needed.
Pay your own annual membership dues

Pay membership dues for yourself from your online account.
Pay for your own player event fee or single Recreational Event Membership

Purchase a single Event Membership for an eligibile event in which you've been rostered for.
Upgrade your membership to a higher level

Upgrade your current membership to a higher level (e.g., from local Affiliate to national Youth/College/Adult/Coach & Player). Just paying the difference in cost.
Register for Day Camps

Register yourself or your child (while logged into their account) for an upcoming USA Ultimate Day Camp.
Register for Youth Clinics

Register yourself or your child (while logged into their account) for an umpcoming USA Ultimate GUM or Learn To Play clinic.
Report Game Scores

Report a game score on an event schedule while logged into your online account. For most events, you should see a "Report Score" button at the top of each game's details page.

Report player stats for each game in a tournament. Includes an example stat sheet and blank stat sheet for your use.

Team Manager Help:

  Roll Over Team from Previous Year   For a team that was created in a previous year and needs to participate in the current year's events.
Create a Team & Add Personnel


Create a new team in the system and add any personnel (players, coaches, & chaperones) who will be participating with the team during the season.
Event Registration & Rostering Participants


Register a team that you manage for an event and add team personnel (players, coaches, & chaperones) that will be attending to the event roster.
Pay Annual Membership dues for Team Personnel  


Pay membership dues for personnel on a team roster that you manage.
Team Single Event Fee Payments


Pay any associated fees for an event in the system, including single Event Memberships for eligible events.


Update players' jersey numbers for accurate records and for updating stats.

Clinic/Certification Help:

  Register for Clinics   Register for any clinics through your account (observer, coach, etc.)
View Certifications


Review all certifications associated with your account (observer, coach, etc.)

College Help:

Checklist for registering college teams for Series events


Generate a roster to submit to your school registrar for verifying academic eligibility.

Chaperone Help:

  Become a Chaperone
Learn how to become an approved USA Ultimate chaperone and help to ensure a safe playing experience for ultimate teams with youth participants.


  List Unaffiliated (Non-Sanctioned) Events
Create events that are not sanctioned but still show up on the events calendar.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at