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Games will be 90 minutes to 13 points (Saturday) or 15 points (Sunday) with 15 minute periods between rounds. Hard cap at 90 minutes: Finish the point. The team with the highest score wins, but if the score is tied, the game goes into overtime and the winner of the next point wins the game (universe point). Timeouts are not allowed during hard cap. Soft cap at 75 minutes: Finish the point. Add two to the highest score and play to that if it is less than 15. Otherwise continue to play to 15. Timeouts ARE allowed during soft cap. Point cap at 17: Games are win by two, but the first team to reach 17 points wins regardless of the margin of victory. Timeouts: 1 per half and one floater. Calling a timeout when you do not have one and/or during hard cap results in a turnover.