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Game Rules for BOTH DAYS:

  • All Games to 15 (Hard at 17)
  • Soft Cap at 85 Minutes
  • Hard Cap at 105 Minutes
  • 2 Timeouts/Half

Cap Rules:

Soft Cap - At the sound of the horn finish the point you are playing, then add 2 to the leading team and that is the new point total you are playing to without any overtime.
Hard Cap - At the sound of the horn finish the point you are playing. If either team is ahead the game is then over. If the game is tied play 1 more point to determine winner.
Note that there is no such thing as "between points". As soon as a score is confirmed, that point has already finished and the next point has started. So if Team A scores and 1 second later the horn sounds, you must finish out the next point since it has already started, THEN add 2 points for Soft or THEN see who is winning for Hard.

Overtime Rules:
In a game where it is tied at 14-14 where neither cap has determined that the game will end at 15, each team shall be granted 1 and only 1 TO to use between then and the end of the game. This is not in addition to any remaining timeouts from regulation. This does not come into play when soft or hard cap has already confirmed that the game will end at 15 without the requirement to win by 2.