Account Management
Field Rules:
1) No food or other liquids except water on the turf fields
2) Respect other teams and players
3) Respect the fields and do not leave trash around
4) There are no observers so self officiate and be fair
5) Follow the spirit of the game
6) Have fun!
7) No alcohol or drugs at any point during the tournament
Compeition Rules:
(Outlined in Captains Packet)
A) Pool Play
  • Games to 13 win by 2- point cap at 15
  • Round time: 90 min
  • Start of games: One horns
  • Hard cap: 80 min (Two horns - If it is during a point that point is the last. If it is before a point begins then that is the last point. If there is a tie then one more point is played
  • 1 timeout per half + 1 floater (timeouts unaffect by caps)
  • Two way ties in pool play are determined by head-to-head results
  • Three way ties in pool play are determined by first 1) Point differential among tied teams then 2) Point differential among all pool teams 3) Total points scored and finally 4) coin flip