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Boogienights 2016

City: Oxford
Date: 3/12/2016 - 3/13/2016
State: OH
Men's Division Schedule

This event is not accepting registration anymore.
This event is part of the 2016 College Regular Season:
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Final Standings of Boogienights 2016:
1. Dayton
2. Miami Alumni
3. Wright State
4. Michigan B
5. Louisville
6. SUNY-Buffalo
7. Miami OH
8. Kentucky
9. Ohio Northern
10. West Virginia
11. Youngstown State
12. Bellarmine
13. Kettering
14. Kent State
15. Notre Dame B
Event Medical Template

Use this form as a guide to creating your Event Medical Plan. Please see the Health, Safety, and Liability Guidelines for details regarding event-specific requirements. Event Managers of USA Ultimate events are required to communicate the following medical/safety plan to team contacts prior to the event and have a copy available on site at the medical area.




1. Every USA Ultimate event requires a Medical Contact (MC).  The Medical Contact must be 25 or older, must know how to get to the nearest hospital and must be able to call 911 immediately if needed. List the name and phone number of your Medical Contact for your event:

Name: Matt Wood    Phone: 513-378-3910

2. Based on the size, field layout, and other event characteristics, what medical staffing level is required for your event (refer to Medical Staff Requirements chart)?
ATC = Certified Athletic Trainer

D = MC is on-site non-participant with basic first aid knowledge and CPR training

3. What medical services will be provided at the event? 

Certified Athletic Trainer with equipment to aid

4. Where will the designated medical area be located at the event? 


Right in the middle of the fields (central point). Should have a four wheeler by it.

Information for the Closest Medical Facility


5. Name, address, and phone number of the nearest hospital or emergency medical facility:

Name: McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital    Phone:
(513) 523-2111

Address: 10 N Poplar St, Oxford, OH 45056

6. List the directions to the nearest hospital or emergency medical facility:

From Cook Field drive up High Street until you get to main street (cuts the park in half), take a right on Main Street. The hospital is on the right after you pass the first intersection (church street).

7. What is the emergency response time to the fields? 

8. What is the ambulance access to the fields?
Fields are right off the main streets on campus, no issue for an ambulance to get there if there is an unfortunate need



9. How can teams best access the medical personnel (phone number, radio, other)?
Phone number listed above for hospital, athletic trainer on site an easily reachable

10.  Who will make the call to modify the event for weather or temperature related reasons?
Myself: Jon Bellis, TD

11.  How will event staff communicate with teams regarding weather, emergencies or changes to the schedule?
Email, in person if decision occurs during the tournament itself.


Inclement Weather Plan




1.   It is critical that the facility owner/manager is involved in decision-making about field use and weather conditions. Please describe the field site’s inclement weather policy and decision-making process.  If you have a backup field site, also outline their weather policy.
Rain will cause us to move to our backup location just down the road. Apart from the obvious reasons to stop an event that are outlined by USAU, lightning.

2.   Who will make the call to modify the event for field condition, weather, or temperature-related reasons (event organizer, facility staff, medical staff, other)?
If weather becomes an issue in the upcoming days, I will be meeting with our Club Sports Director to figure out if we need to switch field locations or not. Weather shouldn’t reach a reason to cancel level. 



3.   Is there a backup field site? If so, where is it? If not, what is the plan if the fields are not useable? 
The backup fields are right down the road on 27, on the left past Equestrian and the parking lot

4.   Describe the back-up plan. 
Since our fields are on campus, and four of those fields are grass, if it rains our school would not be happy with us destroying the grass fields. So in event of inclement weather stopping us from using those grass fields, we will move down the road and play our tournament there.

5.   Is there an alternate date that can be used? If so, what is it? If not, what is the plan if the fields are not usable? 
We do not have an alternate date ready. If the tournament cannot be played at all due to weather it will be cancelled altogether and bid fees (if they were paid early) will be returned.


6.   In general, can schedule adjustments be made during the event? What kind of adjustments will be used (shorter rounds, earlier/later start/end times, adjusted format, etc.)? 
If need be we can adjust start times and shrink rounds up to 10min, only if absolutely necessary.



7.   Prior to the event, how and when will teams be notified of the back-up plan? 
Decisions on field location will be made on the day before the event. An email will be sent out, but in the event that not everyone sees the email we will have a couple of people at Cook to direct teams down to the new location.

8.   If the back-up plan is implemented prior to or during the event, how will event staff communicate with teams regarding weather, emergencies or changes to the event location and/or schedule? 

Same as above, email will be our first form of communication unless we are all at the fields already. We will have a mass text go out to the primary contact informing them of the situation. In the event of weather, we can take shelter in the Student Center across the street. If emergency occurs during the event the host team will vocally communicate quickly the need to move.

9.   Do you have a phone contact for each team   

Yes, courtesy of the Admin event page


10. In addition to direct communication with teams, list other ways you will use to broadcast information about event field/schedule changes to participants, event staff, and other general public? 
Teams can follow our twitter account and Facebook page for updates on necessary communications. We will have a group message set up to send out mass texts to teams in event they need to know quickly. USAU event page where we can write in information.

Event Type:
Sanctioned Tournament - Sanctioned College Regular Season Tournament
Please contact or for more information
Field Map:
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Once again the Miami Boogiemen will be hosting our annual Spring tournament, Boogienights. We host our tournament right on our campus on half turf/half grass fields. For the second time in the last three years we are a sanctioned tournament. We have decided to expand to 18 teams this year as the interest has grown for our tournament. Winning team will receive a free bid to Boogienights 2017! Spots are filling up quickly so if you want to be part of the action send us an email!
Bid Fee: $225 if sent in before the end of February, $250 after that
Tournament Dates: March 12th & March 13th, 2016
Where: Cook Field, located on the beautiful Miami University campus in Oxford, OH(near Farmer School of Business)
Size: 16 college mens teams, option to grow to 20
Prize: Winner receives a free bid fee to Boogienights 2017
Email: for more info
Welcome to this USA Ultimate Tournament Sanctioning approved event!
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