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Games are to 15, point cap 17, using 11th edition USAU rules plus the newer adapted rules regarding endzone size and “contact”. Time cap: 30 minutes before start of next round, indicated by double horn (@ 90 minutes). Finish the point in progress, add two to higher score and play to that number (no win by two). Hard cap: At start of next round, indicated by single horn (@ 120 minutes). Finish point, higher score wins; if tied play one more point to determine winner. If teams are waiting to play provisions may be made with TD to extend subsequent round provided field space is available. Overtime is strictly for assigning additional timeouts in a tight game; it has no bearing on cap. Overtime begins at 14-14. Each team then receives exactly one time out regardless of how many have been used in regular time. Win by two is still in effect until point cap is reached. Time cap supersedes overtime; i.e. when cap is instituted cap rules go into effect at end of point. Timeouts are 2 per half and are not affected by the time or hard caps.