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Tournament Rules (Schedule and brackets to be posted by Tuesday, August 8th.)

Tournament Guidelines
11th Edition Rules will govern all play.
Pool Play – Saturday & Sunday
Points: 13 (win by 2)
Point Cap: 15 (win by 1)
Timeouts: 1 per team per half plus 1 floater (Note: Timeouts are NOT affected by caps)
Soft Cap: 75 minutes
Hard Cap: 95 minutes
Bracket Play – Sunday
Points: 15 (win by 2)
Point Cap: 17 (win by 1)
Timeouts: 2 timeouts per team per half (Note: Timeouts are NOT affected by caps)
Soft Cap: 90 minutes
Hard Cap: 110 minutes
Field Rules:
Remember that you are on a university facility, so no alcohol, drugs, or pets!!!
Handle your restroom business at the designated areas.
Pick-up and deposit your trash in the available trashcans available at the fields.
Reporting Scores:
Once games are over, please report your scores by texting the TDs. Use the following template if texting: W/L: Your Team Name & Score – Opposing Team Name & Score (Example: W: Patriots 14 – Cardinals 3)
Results will be posted to the USAU page ( in as timely a manner as possible.
Championship Prize: Hucket 2.0