Account Management
Seeding from pool play to bracket play:
1. After pool play, re-position teams within their pools.
2. Within the same position (e.g., position 1), reseed those 3 spots taking into account (a) their record and (b) where there is a tie, the original seed of that position). For example if pool C wins their pool 3-0 and pool A and pool B both end up winning their pool 2-1, then the pool C winner would get the #1 seed, pool A winner would be the #2 seed and pool B would be the #3 seed. This would work for all the positions. Another example, if position 2 in pool B and pool C both end up 2-1, then pool C position 2 gets the #4 seed and pool B gets the #5 seed because those were the original seedings for those positions.