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This event is part of the 2016 Triple Crown Tour Post Season 2016 Triple Crown Tour Guidelines Triple Crown Tour Post Season Deadlines - 1. Team Registration - 5:00pm MT on August 12, 2016. - step 1: register for the event - step 2: add players to your team - step 3: move players from list to your Event roster (must have minimum of 10 players on your event roster to qualify for post season. Players must have a current player-level membership and signed liability waiver to get added to an event roster). 2. Final Event Roster Deadline - Wednesday, August 26th at 5:00pm MT - To play in the post season (including Regionals and Nationals), you must be on your team's Sectional event roster by this date. 3. Final Scores - Coordinators should publish final results and standings to the event page no later than 8:00am MT on the Monday after the event. 4. Advancing to Regionals - Qualifying teams should confirm their acceptance of a Regionals bid by emailing their Regional Coordinator. After accepting a bid, USAU staff will manually add your team and rostered players to your Regional event. The same registration process will be used for teams qualifying to Nationals.