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9825 State Route 185
Versailles, OH 45380
If you'll be camping, we wanted to lay down some important ground rules and reminders.
1. Please do not have any fires. Every year, someone sets a fire in the back of the range that leaves a dead spot. Please do not destroy the grass anywhere...even if you think no one will see it.
2. Parking Note: Do not drive on the playing fields. Do not drive to the back to setup camps. Try to stay at the front of the range and close to the Lane. On Sunday: If we get torrential downpours, we may still be able to play on the fields, but parking will be limited and we will close off the lane to the back. If that is the case, we will limit each team to 3 cars at the Range. We will ask that you drop players off at the fields, drive all your cars to the high school and then bring those drivers back to the fields in just one or two cars. Please carpool as much as possible.
3. We won't be getting in until late Friday night...which means, there will not be any water available until Saturday morning. Make sure you bring your own drinks. (The water fountain by the building hasn't worked for years.)
4. Clean up after yourselves. We will have some trash bags if you need them. Please put all trash you have in bags. We will have a dumpster, but they want the trash bagged for that.
5. All the games are at the front of the range. Please don't drive to the back. If we get heavy rains on Saturday night, we don't want to tear up any of the ground or get vehicles stuck back there.
6. When setting up camps, be mindful of where teams will be parking. Camping directly behind the small hills that used to be the driving range tees is a great spot...close to the parking lot and out of the way.
7. One note on dinner, we will have 100 lbs of pulled pork. Please take just one sandwich when you go through the line the first time. Then, go back for a second. Every year we have a ton of wasted food on plates. There will be plenty, and we can always cook more chicken if we need to to fill you up.