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Emerald City Classic (TCT Pro Finale)

City: Burlington
Date: 8/30/2014 - 8/31/2014
State: WA
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This event is currently set for Invite-Only registration.
This year's Emerald City Classic is serving as the Pro Flight Finale for the 2014 Triple Crown Tour in the Men's/Mixed/Women's divisions.
Check out the ECC facebook event page for more information.
Eight games from this event will be live streamed on NGN (*all times EDT):
Saturday, August 30
  • 12:00pm: Brute Squad (Boston, Mass.) vs. Showdown (Austin, Texas)
  • 2:00pm: Revolver (San Francisco, Calif.) vs. Machine (Chicago, Ill.)
  • 6:00pm: Sockeye (Seattle, Wash.) vs. Johnny Bravo (Denver, Colo.)
  • 8:00pm: Riot (Seattle, Wash) vs. Traffic (Vancouver, B.C.)
Sunday, August 31

Men's Final Standings:
1. Machine
2. Ironside
3. Chain Lightning
5. Revolver
6. Sockeye
7. Doublewide
8. Johnny Bravo
Men's Spirit Standings:
5.0 - GOAT
4.8 - Chain Lightning
4.8 - Johnny Bravo
4.5 - Machine
4.4 - Sockeye
4.4. - Doublewide
4.3 - Revolver
4.2 - Ironside
Mixed Final Standings:
1. Polar Bears
2. The Chad Larson Experience
3. Mischief
4. Cosa Nostra
5. Slow White
6. Drag'n Thrust
7. Wild Card
8. AMP
Mixed Spirit Standings:
4.8 - Drag'n Thrust
4.7 - The Chad Larson Experience
4.4 - Slow White
4.2 - Polar Bears
3.7 - Mischief
3.4 - Cosa Nostra
3.4 - AMP
3.2 - Wild Card
Women's Final Standings:
1. Brute Squad
2. Riot
3. Scandal
4. Nemesis
5. Fury
6. Traffic
7. Showdown
8. Capitals
Women's Spirit Standings:
4.5 - Scandal
4.2 - Brute Squad
4.1 - Fury
4.0 - Traffic
3.8 - Nemesis
3.8 - Capitals
3.8 - Riot
3.7 - Showdown


Event Type:
Sanctioned Tournament - Sanctioned Club Regular Season Tournament
Field Map:
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This year's Emerald City Classic is serving as the Pro Flight Finale for the 2014 Triple Crown Tour in the Men's/Mixed/Women's divisions.
Men's Teams:
2013TCT Revolver Revolver San Francisco, CA  
2013TCT Sockeye Sockeye Seattle, WA
2013TCT Ironside Ironside Boston, MA
2013TCT Bravo Johnny Bravo Denver, CO
2013TCT DW Doublewide Austin, TX
2013TCT Machine Machine Chicago, IL
2013TCT Chain

Chain Lightning

Atlanta, GA
2013TCT GOAT GOAT Toronto, ON
Mixed Teams:
2013TCT DragNThrust Drag'n Thrust Minneapolis, MN  
2013TCT Polar Bears Polar Bears San Francisco, CA
2014TCT WildCard Wild Card Boston, MA
2013TCT CLX Chad Larson Experience Ames, IA
2013TCT AMP AMP Philadelphia, PA
2013TCT SlowWhite Slow White Boston, MA
2013TCT Mischief Mischief San Francisco, CA
2013TCT Cosa Nostra Cosa Nostra Austin, TX  
Women's Teams:
2014TCT Scandal Scandal Washington, DC  
2013TCT Fury Fury San Francisco, CA
2013TCT Riot Riot Seattle, WA 
2013TCT Showdown Showdown Austin, TX
2013TCT Nemesis Nemesis Chicago, IL
2014TCT Brute Brute Squad Boston, MA
2013TCT Capitals Capitals Ottawa, ON
2013TCT Traffic Traffic Vancouver, BC