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Tournament Rules
USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules with 20-yard endzones & Contact Rule
Pool Play Games: Played to 13 points, Cap at 15
Bracket Games: Played to 15 points, Cap at 17
Soft Cap: 80 minutes
Hard Cap: 100 minutes
Next Round Start: 120 minutes
Timeouts: Each team has two timeouts per half.  Regardless of how many timeouts a team used before overtime, during overtime each team has one timeout.
Cap always goes on at the end of the point that is currently in play.  The next point begins at the conclusion of the previous point.  For example, if both teams are on the line when the horn goes off, the cap will be applied after that point is played.  Timeouts are unaffected by the cap situation.
When the soft cap horn goes off, add 2 to the highest score and play to that number.  At this point, there is no more win by 2.  When the hard cap horn goes off, the game is over at the conclusion of the point currently being played.  If the game is tied at that time, one additional point is played to determine a winner.
Start of round: 1 horn
Soft cap: 2 horns
Hard cap: 3 horns
Weather emergency: 4 horns
Points can be assessed if one team is not ready at the beginning of the round.  The assessing team must put seven (7) players on the line to demonstrate that they are ready, but does not need to keep them there.  Points will be assessed at a rate of 1 point every 5 minutes.  A team may use one (1) time out as a five-minute buffer.  For example, if your game starts at 8, the first point will be assessed at 8:05, unless a time-out is applied, at which point it will be assessed at 8:10.  Points cannot be assessed if a team is finishing a previous round’s game.