Account Management
Games are to 13 with a point cap at 15. Soft cap at 70 minutes, hard cap at 90 minutes. You then have 10 minutes to move, report scores, etc. before the next game. All games are win by two, following USAU guidelines. 

Time outs: 2 time outs per half. A time out is 70 seconds in length + 20 seconds for the defense to set. 90 seconds should elapse from time out called until the disc is checked back in. No more, no less. Please do not abuse this. 

Soft cap: Finish the point being played. Add two to the team with the highest point total. This is the new game total, with the new point cap being +2 to the game total. If the new game total is less than the original point total of 13, overtime goes into effect if the teams are tied at the new game total -1. Soft cap shall not exceed the game total. Soft cap also shall not exceed the original game total for the round. TEAMS KEEP TIME OUTS THROUGH SOFT CAP. If teams are in overtime when soft cap goes into effect, the game ends when one team reaches the point cap or goes ahead by two points, whichever comes first. 

Overtime: Overtime is defined when two teams are tied at one less than the game total (tied 12-12 in a game to 13, tied 10-10 in a soft cap adjusted game to 11 with an adjusted point cap of 13, etc.). Win by two is still in effect until the point cap is reached. In overtime, each team has exactly one time out, regardless of how many used or unused timeouts were still available. 

Hard cap: Finish the point being played. If one team is up by a goal, the game ends and that team is the winner. If teams are tied, play one additional point. Whichever team scores that point is the winner. NO TIME OUTS ONCE HARD CAP HAS BEEN APPLIED (No times outs on universe point). 

PLEASE REPORT YOUR SCORES AT THE END OF EACH ROUND!!! If you update them online or with the usau app, that’s awesome and saves me time later. However for figuring out tiebreakers and such, please make sure you report your scores to me (Drew). We will be playing the first bracket round on Saturday. I'll be on the Big Bend sideline all weekend, #4. If you’d rather email the result after your game so you don’t have to find me, feel free to use available network and smartphone technologies to send them my way. Again,