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Tournament Rules
Huck Finn games are played according to USA Ultimate Rules, 11th Edition.
Game Length - Saturday & Sunday
? Played to 15 points
? Round length: 1:45
? Soft Cap (one horn): 1:20 after round start
? Hard cap (two horns):1:35 after round start
Ex.: Round 1 starts at 8:15. Soft cap goes off at 9:35. Hard cap goes off at 9:50. Round 2 starts
at 10:00.
Ties in Pool Play
Two-way ties in pool play are determined by head-to-head results.
Three-way ties in pool play are determined by:
1 Point differential among tied teams
2 Point differential among all pool teams
3 Total points scored
4 Coin flip
Teams are allowed one timeout per half and a floater that can be used in either half. Timeouts
are not affected by the time cap.
Score Reporting
Report scores at tournament central or by texting Evan Karson at 914-924-9491
Example: Scoober University beats Callahan College 14-13. Send the text:
"Scoober University 14 - Callahan College 13 (F)"
Please report scores before the beginning of the next round.