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Soft cap - Single horn - Finish point in progress, add 2 to higher score. If teams are in overtime when soft cap goes into effect, the game ends when one team reaches the point cap or goes ahead by two points, whichever comes first. (Overtime begins when the score is tied at one goal less than the game total e.g., in a game with a game total of 13 goals, overtime begins when the score reaches 12-12).
Hard cap - Double horn - Game is over at the end of the point in progress, unless tied. If tied, play one more point.
Saturday pool play games to 15. Point Cap 15, 105 minute rounds. Soft cap will be at 70 minutes. Hard cap will be at 90 minutes . Sunday Bracket play will be games to 15, 120 minute rounds. Soft cap 85, Hard cap 105.
Time outs - 2 per half, both days. Caps do not affect time outs, but in overtime each team has 1 time out ONLY.