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All Games to 13! Caps: Please familiarize yourself with the new rules on caps as they are different this year. - Soft cap is +1 - Hard cap is the same (if someone is ahead the game is over) - Halftime cap comes halfway until the latest time of the round. For example, if you have 90 minutes to soft cap and 110 minutes to hard cap, halftime cap happens after 55 minutes. The halftime cap occurs once a predetermined time of play has elapsed. At the halftime cap, play continues until the current scoring attempt is completed. If, after the current scoring attempt is completed, the halftime target has not yet been reached by one team, one is added to the higher score and the resulting number is the new halftime target. Example: Game to 15 Start at 9:00 am Half time cap at 9:50 am Soft Cap at 10:30 am Hard Cap at 10:40 am Next round at 11:00 am Timeouts: 2 / half for each team regardless of game length or point totals