Account Management
  • No captains meeting. No observers. Respect your opponents and their calls, make fair and safe plays, and communicate - or you will not be invited back. 11th edition rules, with the contact call.
  • Games are to 15, win by two, hard cap at 17; half-time is five minutes.
  • Each team has two timeouts each half; these are not affected by the cap.
  • There is no soft cap. Hard cap will occur 90 minutes after the beginning of the round: finish the point - the game is over if not tied; play one more point if the game is tied.
  • We will be using the new USAU mixed division gender ratio, the "deciding endzone" does not switch at halftime.
  • Dogs allowed, but MUST be leashed. No glass. No alcohol. Your team will be disqualified immediately and not invited back, if you have alcohol at the fields.
  • Do not urinate on the fields: use the port-a-potties only.
  • It will be hot, plan appropriately, bring plenty of water and protect yourself from the sun; we'll have ice at tournament HQ, but it's for injuries rather than personal cooling.